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Although we are aware that what unites us is stronger than what divides us and that fundamental differences in faith still hinder visible unity, we can already perceive results:

  • we recognise each other as brothers, a relationship of friendship and reciprocal esteem is born, prejudice and stereotypes collapse as one learns about the life, the difficulties and the spiritual riches of each Church or ecclesiastical community.
  • Not only is a great moment of prayer born among the churches during Christian unity week,  but also in the meetings and then in the respective communities, especially on the day of the Lord, involving  contemplative communities that live  in the territory.
  • Exchanges of experience are encouraged regarding the great challenges common to the evangelisation of young people, the cathecuman, families, using all methods of  modern social communication.
  • Sharing is encouraged  when we are aware of the needs of our brothers who are linked with us.

This is our ten-year experience and determined and affectionate invitation to you all, we propose to all the Christian Parishes of the old Continent, even those geographically far from one another, to make the most of the already existing ties of knowledge and life, to give life to a twinning of brotherhood with Christian Catholics- Reformist-Orthodox-Anglicans so as to generate an ecumenical movement capable of helping even the different confessions that live side by side in a territory, to reconcile memories, and with the Charta Oecumenica commit themselves to live like brothers fully respecting the discipline of their own church according to Ecumenism.




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