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Twinning between the catholic parish of S.Maria Goretti
(Diocese of Fano, Fossombrone,Cagli and Pergola)
and the Anglican parish of St. Mary Magdalene
(Diocese of St. Albans).

Created in the autumn of 2004, the twinning between the Italian Catholic parish of S.Maria Goretti and the English Anglican one of St. Mary Magdalene is still in its early phase.
Since that date the two communities, through their parish priests Don Giuseppe Tintori and Rev.d  David Maunchin, have been getting to know each other by correspondence, exchanging information on the history, spiritual and pastoral life of each parish.
So far there has only been one meeting between the two communities, in January 2005 for the Christmas unity week of prayers when Rev.d David with his deputy Grahame came with other members of the Anglican Community as guests of the parish of S. MARIA Goretti for a few days. They participated in the Ecumenical vigil prayers which is held annually in the town’s Cathedral. A written document has not been agreed upon yet between the two parishes:
Priority is to ddepen the reciprocal knowledge and strengthen the ecumenical sensibility amongst the members of the communities.





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