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  1. The  council for ecumenism and dialogue submits the twinning plan to the bishop and puts it forward for priests and parishes, so that the people who want to put it into operation can freely participate.
  2. The parish communities which agree to it choose some people open-minded and mature in their faith: the ecumenism group, begins a strong, pastoral and communitarian formation and starts to locate the parishes with which to start ecumenical relations and exchanges starting from the ties that already exist in the area: twinnings of town councils , relations born after cultural, travel or work experiences. Further suggestions may be given by the Board for Ecumenism and dialogue at different levels: in Dioceses, between Dioceses, nationwide.
  3. Once the future twin communities have been located, several steps will be necessary: preliminary meetings to let the people give a well founded and motivated assent to the proposal; exchange of fraternal letters that officially confirm the “twinning”. (these letters should be read in both communities); an exchange of gifts which will be put on display in the parish church, as evidence that the “twinning” has begun.
  4. Adults and young people of both communities, purposely, or on travel occasions, can visit the twin parish to intensify their fraternal ties, to exchange information and to be reciprocally enriched.
  5. The rest must be left to the action of the Holy Spirit with the respect for what each Church asks her faithful with regard to Ecumenism: to deepen seriously the knowledge of everybody’s spirituality; to exchange prayers and hymns; to spread and read together the Bible; to propose an exchange of preachers on important occasions of  the ecclesial Community; to prepare together cathecumenal paths; to organize charitable ecumenical activities to raise money for the Churches of all Confessions in need.


  • 1 month: inform the parish communities of the project and collect the first agreements.
  • 1 year: take care of the formation  of the people involved in the   
    ecumenical relations, locate the parishes for future twinnings, set out the first contacts.
  • 18 months: carry out the first initiatives between sister Churches with important activities




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