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L'intuizione iniziale

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The persistent question was born in our hearts after the Second Vatican Council had asked all Christian Catholics to commit themselves seriously to Ecumenism.

In what way can the parishes and the local churches take part in the ecumenical walk of the churches in Europe, offering their own original contribution together with the monasteries, theologians and pastors?

The answer was an intuition born in prayers urged by the assemblies of Basel and Graz, a simple idea that immediately seemed capable of great and multiple developments and that at last would allow all the parishes and local churches to give their original contribution to Ecumenism; the “Ecumenical twinning” between European churches as called by our parishes. We are convinced that if we all were to welcome this intuition into our journey towards Sibiu, we could radically change this ecumenical sensitivity amongst the northern European Christians who are mainly reformists, amongst the orthodox of the East and the prevailing Catholics of the South.

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