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Planning the ecumenical twinning  of the parishes we intend to:

  • increase the spiritual ecumenism among the people of God as a way to make the jubilee preparation concrete, in accordance with the ecumenical goals pointed out by the Pope in his encyclical ‘Tertio Millennio Adveniente’ (ns. 41 e 55);
  • make it possible that parishes and Christian communities open new paths towards the Christian unity giving a precious and original contribution which supports the dialogue of theologians and pastors;
  • make sure that ecumenism  is “one of the pastoral priorities” which, contributing to knock walls and prejudices down, and educating to dialogue, helps purification and a renewal in  ecclesial communities from inside(Pastoral Note CEI, ‘ecumenical formation in the chiesa particolare’,(?)  introduction n. 1; see also CEI, ‘Evangelization  and charity witness’, n. 33)
  • contribute to strengthen Europe’s ‘Christian roots’ linking the southern catholic parishes with the northern Reformed ones, the Orthodox parishes with the Anglican Church;
  • create communion ties with the other Christian Churches in the same region, so that each relation with parishes geographically far can start in collaboration with the near Churches.




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